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2018 - 2022

I’ve been using this section to blog about what I’ve been working on or a part of professionally. Unfortunately, the last time I posted was at the end of 2018! This blog is to fill in the gap.

Starting with 2019, during this year I started working with Yanga! TV, an African “entertainment destination giving voice to Africa’s thriving diaspora” as a video editor.

During this year I also co-produced a new show, called What’s Hot, each episode features our resident hosts and different guest(s), who debate hot topics and discuss what’s trending all with a bit of fun and games. We made 8 episodes that went on SKY.

2020 was an interesting year for many reasons, the obvious one is going through the covid-19 lockdown. This time was hard but also turned into an opportunity for me to get inspired and motivated, although it didn’t start that way.

During the year I released my first book, a children’s book, The Perfect Pair but that deserves its own blog.

What’s Hot was commissioned for season 2. So we expanded the team and made another 8 episodes in the Yanga! studios. Finally, we also managed to film season 2 of The Panel.

2 new shows came out of 2021, The Feed! and Mind Your Business.

Despite the lockdown I wanted to still create, so was thinking of ways I could do that from home, which birthed The Feed! A bi-weekly news and entertainment show with the latest in what’s trending and the latest on hot gossip and entertainment. Unfortunately, we only made 6 episodes but it’s something I hope to bring back in the near future.

Mind Your Business was a short mini-series (one of my faves) made for black history month celebrating black businesses. For this we produced 4 episodes, highlighting 4 businesses.

On the personal side I’ve also become a wife and mother and last year 2022 I was mostly working from home whilst pregnant so didn’t produce much as I was focused on private clients and resting. So that’s been a journey in itself.

I’m currently on maternity so there may not be new work updates (or maybe there will 👀) but as I enjoy good TV/film, reading, and traveling, which I would also like to do more of, I’m going to try and implement what I’m watching, reading and possibly traveling too in some blogs.

On that note, here’s to 2023 🥂 I pray it’s a good one.

All my productions can be found here

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