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Raindance Saturday Film School

This year one of my goals is to start work on my first short film. Problem is, even though I’ve worked in the media for a while, I have little experience in making a film so I haven’t been too sure where to start.

However, in March I attended BVE, which is a broadcast, production and media tech event. There I heard a talk on ‘Lo-To-No Budget Filmmaking’ by Elliot Grove, Founder of Raindance Film Festival. His talk was so informative, inspiring and just what I what I needed so I decided to sign up for their Saturday Film School to take my learning further.

The one I signed up to happened over the weekend gone, which was with Elliot Grove and Patrick Tucker. It involved tips and key rules for writing a winning story, budgeting and ideas on how to save money, key tips on directing and how to ‘cheat shots’ and more. I’m a visual learner so I personally got a lot out of the demonstrations that were done along with the many film examples shown. It was informative, I was able to take notes and was provided with a lot of resources as well.

Overall, It was a great session. It was great to be in a room with like minded individuals with diverse film talent. I left feeling motivated, inspired and ready to start exploring film ideas. I was literally looking out for all the things I learned in a film I watched that eve. So now it’s on me to use what I’ve learnt and get to working on my first short film, which I’m definitely more confident in doing.

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