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BV For sister act live choir tour

Updated: Mar 10, 2018

So... I'm currently on tour with Sister Act Live Choir.

I've always enjoyed music and like to push myself now and then in performing. So I joined UV Talent Agency and I'm part of the choir for the tour and also one of the Background Vocalists (BVs). I sing/dance background for 3 songs and then 4 songs with the choir.

The very first set of shows we did was small scale in 2016 at St Marylebone Parish Church in London (pictured). From the success it turned into a UK tour! #SisterActLiveChoir

It has been a great experience of learning and growing and having fun at the same time. Getting to see different cities around the UK and perform in beautiful venues has been awesome. You can see some footage here:

If you like film or live music then come see it! You'll enjoy it. You can get more info and check if we're in a city near you by visiting their website:

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